Pete is the main antagonist of the original Oswald the Lucky Rabbit TV show. He is also Walt Disney's longest-running character


Pete was created by Walt Disney as the main antagonist of Alice Comedies. But when that series ended, there needed to be a villain for the new series, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Out of many new ideas, Walt elected Pete to fill this role. After that series "ended", Walt chose Pete as the villain of the latest series, Mickey and Friends.


Pete (or "Peef") serves as the villain of the series. He fills the role of Tybalt in Oh, What a Knight, an episode that is a direct parody of Romeo and Juliet. In Rival Romeos, he played Paris, another Romeo and Juliet character. In one episode, he even tries to kill Oswald, but to no ado. His final appearance in the series is in the same episode, where he is tricked into falling over the platform edge.