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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was one of the first animated cartoon characters made by Walt Disney for Universal Studios between 1927 and 1928, then produced by Charles Mintz and Walter Lantz from 1928 until 1938. He can pull several of body parts off. Especially his tail!

The Walt Disney eraEdit


Oswald in his old appearence

After the Alice Comedies, Disney's second animated series (after the Laugh-o-Grams) folded in 1927, Carl Laemmle approached Disney and requested a new, all-animated series featuring a rabbit. Disney and Ub Iwerks created a new character entitled "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit". The first Oswald cartoon, Poor Papa, was poorly received by Charles Mintz and demanded a better, younger version of Oswald. The next cartoon, Trolly Troubles, was well received, and the series officially launched.

In 1928, with the series going strong, Disney demanded a raise from Mintz, which he refused. Mintz instead told Disney that he was going to cut the budget, and if Disney did not agree to the cut, Mintz would take over Oswald for himself. Disney refused, and most of Disney's employees left for Mintz. Only Ub Iwerks remained, and the two secretly planned out a cartoon featuring their new character, Mickey Mouse. Oswald and Mickey are brothers, since Oswald was the first cartoon, he is the older brother making Mickey the younger brother.

Return to DisneyEdit

In 2006, the Disney company got back the rights to Oswald, through a trade with sportscaster Al Michaels.

Oswald will be one of the main characters in the upcoming Nintendo Wii game Epic Mickey. In the game, he will be the ruler of the forgotten world where forgotten Disney creations reside. That is until a young Mickey Mouse accidentally spills paint thinner on the world and inevitably creates the Shadow Blot, thus toppling Oswald off of his throne and causing him to be jealous of his half-brother and seeking to destroy him.

Tales of the WastelandEdit

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald as he appears in Epic Mickey: Tales of the Wasteland

Oswald appears in the comic book, Epic Mickey as the main protagonist. The comic takes place as a prequel for the game, Epic Mickey.


In His Original CartoonsEdit

Oswald's original appearence is in Walt's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series in the 1920's. In Poor Papa, he was an old rabbit telling his children storys. Universal wanted a younger version of Oswald so in Trolley Troubles, he looked younger. In most of the episodes, he is saving his girlfriend (Called Ortensia in Epic Mickey) from Pete.

In Disney Epic MickeyEdit

Oswald lives in Wasteland. A land of forgotten creations of Walt Disney. At first, he dislikes Mickey because he replaced him. Later, Oswald starts to trust Mickey. At the end, they are friends. "Or perhaps even...brothers" as Yen Sid says at the end of the game.

In Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoEdit

Oswald is not only a character in this game, he is a player. Controlled by AI when you are playing as Mickey, a friend can pick up a controler and play as Oswald in two player mode. In this game, The main enemy, the Mad Doctor, of the previous game, says he is now good. Oswald believes him. The Mad Doctor turns out to be the bad guy of this game too. Oswald finds his fault and joins Mickey to save Wasteland. Oswald wields a Remote that can produce electricity. Oswald, for the first time will have a voice in this game. He will be voiced by Frank Welker.