Ortensia is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's love interest






Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Bunny Children

Active Years

1928, 2010-present (Epic Mickey)

Ortensia is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's girlfriend, and a cat.

Ortensia appeared in the Oswald shorts starting with The Bankers Daughter, a lost oswald cartoon. Replacing Oswald's former love interest, a much more feminine and sultry rabbit named Fanny in production materials. Ortensia's original name during the production of the Oswald shorts was Sadie (as referenced in the title of the animated short: Sagebrush Sadie). However, the names for Oswald's love interests were never widely publicized, which is likely the reason she was given a new name in Epic Mickey, following the alliteration pattern of Mickey and Minnie's mirrored relationship.

As can be seen in her character design, she was very much a precursor to Minnie Mouse.

Often in the original Oswald shorts, Oswald would compete with Pete for her affection. In Epic Mickey she reprises her role of Damsel in Distress and also seems to be the mother of Oswald's 420 rabbit children.


Ortensia as she appears in Epic Mickey: Tales of the Wasteland

As a side note, Ortensia is an Italian name that means "gardener", something that some of her art related to Epic Mickey shows to be a hobby of hers.

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