Bunny children by hamilton74-d3aiy35
The Bunny Children are cute little bunnies that may slow you down in the Epic Mickey game.. they sound like squeaky hamsters and can run pretty well... if you don't avoid them they slow you down by jumping by you every time you walk ahead... in one level you distract them by putting a Tv in front of them! (there mostly blue this is the best picture i could get of what they look like in the game) anyway there kids of the old cartoon of Oswald the lucky rabbit, and Ortensia. which look allot like Mickey and Minnie... that's cause there re creation's, Ortensia would be like Minnie but since she's a cat she is the same animal as Pete. and Oswald would be Mickey but with out the long rabbit ears.. either way with out them... Mickey and Minnie.. and everybody else for that matter wouldn't exist.. right?? :D
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit


  • Bau-Bau!
  • Buing-Buing, buing-buing?
  • Bau-e-uing!
  • Wau!
  • Au-Bau!
  • Pauing!
  • Bau-bau-bow-wow-wow!